Silver Arowana Care Guide, Breeding, Size, Tank Mates

How to Keep Silver Arowana Fish Complete Guide – Silver Arowana is a freshwater ornamental fish that has quite a lot of demand, in the market the price tends to be stable and not a seasonal type of fish. Let’s dive deeper, and learn how to keepthis beautiful predatory fish . Although not the most expensive type of fish like the super red arowana, this type is still the target of the community. If the size is large, silver arowana can be valued in millions or even more than that. Even in the super red arowana type, if you have won the contest, the price can be up to hundreds of millions of Rupiah!

So, don’t be surprised if this fish is the prima donna of freshwater aquariums and not a few hobbyists are competing to maintain it. Whether it’s because of prestige, or just an investment. Silver arowana fish has the scientific name  (osteoglossum bicirrhosum) , which is a metallic predatory fish originating from South America.

On the other hand, many hobbyists crave this fish in their aquarium, it is because of the beauty of the shape, as well as the graceful way of swimming.

Maintenance Difficulty

Arowana fish is not a cheap pet, especially this fish is also rather difficult to care for. Thus, it is clearly not suitable for beginners who are just entering the world of ornamental fish. The strength of their hunting instincts makes this fish so agile and difficult to handle. In addition, its power in the water can make the prey defenseless against it. Broadly speaking, how to maintain a silver arowana requires a large aquarium capacity, understanding its character, keeping the water in good condition, and being prepared to spend money to buy food.

But for  experienced aquarist  , difficulty in maintaining arowana like a challenge in itself. It can even be a measure of success in the maintenance of ornamental fish. In conclusion, how to keep silver arowana fish has a high level of difficulty. But it pays off when you manage to take good care of it.

Fish Character

Although classified as ferocious fish and great predators, arowana fish are easily frightened. Like when the aquarium lights are turned on suddenly, or there is an unexpected movement from the outside. So, to avoid freaking out the fish, you shouldn’t make any surprising moves, except when turning on the light. Because it is easy to be afraid of certain objects, you should place your arowana aquarium in a quiet place and away from people passing by.

But if you get used to it, arowana fish will be more daring and adapt to the surrounding conditions. In addition to being violent to prey, this fish is also a reliable type of jumper. Therefore, You need an aquarium cover to keep it from coming out. Usually, the reason why fish jump is because of stress, there is prey on the surface, or the size of the aquarium is too small. Another character you need to know about this ornamental fish is how it swims. Arowana is a type of surface fish, meaning that it likes to swim just below the surface or the top of the aquarium.

Silver Arowana Appearance

Arowana fish has a long body, has branched tentacles, and has a mouth shape like a person is frowning  (drawbridge) . Yes, it’s quite funny to observe the arowana’s mouth! It also has small dorsal and anal fins extending the length of the lower half of the body, and almost fused with the caudal fin. In terms of color, as the name implies, it is silver or silver. However, when it is still a sapling, the color tends to be silver with a bluish hue.

In size, in its natural habitat arowana can grow up to 1.2 meters. While in the aquarium it can be around 90 cm to 1 meter. With a weight of up to 6.8 kg. If you get the best care , arowana fish can accompany your life for the next 10-15 years. To distinguish between male and female arowanas , it can be seen from their posture. Males are usually slimmer, and their anal fins are larger than females.

How to Keep Silver Arowana Fish

If you intend to keep this fish, you should read how to keep this silver arowana fish. There are several important factors in keeping the arowana healthy and away from disease.

Silver Arowana Fish Breeding

Most of the general public consider arowana as a carnivorous fish, because they generally eat meat. In fact, this fish is actually omnivorous, meaning it can eat anything. But in their natural habitat, arowana eat insects, smaller fish, snails, and even rabbits and snakes! To provide the best care for your arowana, you need to make sure their diet is as close as possible to what they eat in the wild.

Some live food for arowana such as worms, crickets, frogs, centipedes, small fish and shrimp. You can even give him a piece of beef. Actually arowana does not like to eat pellets , but you can get used to it after several feedings. If you want to give pellets, make sure you give him special arowana pellets.

How many times are silver arowana fed in a day?

Give 2 to 3 times a day in sufficient portions. Be careful when giving live food, make sure it is sterile and there are no sharp animal parts. For example, if you want to give crickets, remove the legs first.

Aquarium Condition

In how to keep silver arowana fish, you need to pay attention to aquarium conditions, such as size, lighting and water parameters.


Since these fish can grow large, then you need to provide a large aquarium. Don’t forget to cover it so it doesn’t jump. The minimum aquarium size for arowana chicks can be 60 cm wide, but if it is up to 50 cm, you need 2 meter media. Substrates that you can place in the aquarium can be plants, rocks, and driftwood. But there are also hobbyists who leave their aquariums plain. They are worried that if the arowana touches something sharp, it will damage the body of the arowana which will reduce the quality of the fish.

Well, if you want to place decorations, you should give one that does not have sharp corners.

You should not place too many aquatic plants , because it can interfere with arowana swimming. Especially if the plant has weak roots, these predators will easily destroy it. In terms of lighting, you need to give the arowana enough light. In its natural habitat, it also gets light from the sun .For some types of arowana, hobbyists will provide light with high intensity to bring out its potential color. For example the type of Super Red.

Parameter Air Ideal

The most ideal temperature in how to keep silver arowana fish is 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. While the pH is between 6.8-7.5. Pay attention to always keep water parameters stable, including suppressing ammonia and harmful substances. To maintain it, you must have a good filtration system. Good filtering will keep the water clear and keep fish away from disease. You need to do water changes to maintain water quality, and reduce waste. You can change 20% of the water every week. Use pre-settled water if you want to fill in new water.

Fish That Can Be Raised With Arowana

Arowana is a predatory fish that is aggressive towards its prey, so you need to consider carefully if you want to keep more than one. Of course you can’t keep them with small fish, because they will be considered potential prey. If you’re just starting to raise an arowana, it’s best if you keep just one and no more.

If you are experienced, fish that can be kept with arowanas such as  Redtail Catfish  (or other types of catfish ), Peacock Bass, or Alligator types. But make sure the size is balanced.


Arowana fish lay eggs during December and January. They are also known as  mouth brooders , meaning the male takes the eggs and places them in his mouth. This happens after the female puts her in the nest first. The female can lay 30 eggs during the breeding season. Breeding arowana can be said to be difficult and easy. Moreover, they need enough space to make it easier to breed. Usually, breeders cultivate in large media such as ponds or ponds. If in the aquarium it’s quite difficult. That’s a quick guide on how to keep silver arowana fish in an aquarium. Hope to add your insights!

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