Green Terror Cichlid Care Guide, Breeding, Size, Tank Mates

Green Terror Cichlid  Care Guide – The green terror cichlid, which has the scientific name (andinocara rivulatus) , is an aggressive fish belonging to the cichlidae family . Let’s talk about how to keep green terror fish and get to know more about this freshwater predator. Although these South American fish are known for their aggressive nature, they are actually quite easy to keep.

Check out the guide on how to keep the green terror cichlid fish below!

Temperament and Behavior of Green Terror Fish

They have a high aggressive spectrum and are also very territorial. Interestingly, females are more aggressive than males and the older the fish, the more aggressive they become. But during the reproductive period, the green terror’s temperament becomes calmer. He will return to aggressive, even more fierce during the spawning period. Unlike other fish that like to choose the level of water depth, such as at the bottom, middle or surface, the green terror can be anywhere.

For example, today you see him mastering the surface, maybe tomorrow he is busy exploring the surface. Recognizing the temperament and behavior of the green terror is very important if you want to keep it, because it will determine who is a suitable friend, and how to setup the right aquarium .

For example, it is a burrowing fish, so the selection for aquarium substrates is quite limited. Also, because of their aggressive nature and predatory nature, you can’t mix them with peaceful fish and slow swimmers.

Physical Characteristics of Green Terror Fish

At first glance, this predatory fish looks like a flowerhorn. Naturally, because they both come from the cichlid family.

It has a bright green speckled color, with a grayish-brown base color. In the middle of its body there is also a black marking that looks like a flowerhorn fish.


The average size of a green terror that lives in an aquarium is only up to 20 cm, but with good maintenance and sufficient space, fish can grow up to 25 cm. In the wild , the green terror can grow up to 30 cm! The size of the male is larger than the female , like other fish in general.

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The Difference Between Male and Female Green Terrors

Both males and females have a bluish-green hue and a metallic finish with an orange stripe along the dorsal and caudal fins. Females are darker in color and more vivid orange. However, the green terror is so diverse in its color scheme that it sometimes has no lines at all. Other colors known to be present in green terror include pink, red or bright blue. Another difference between male and female green terrors is the large jenong on the head (exactly the louhan). Jenong only grows in males. So it’s actually quite easy to distinguish the gender between male and female green terrors.


Green Terror cichlids can live for 7 to 10 years. To prolong the life of the fish, keep the water quality good to avoid various diseases.

Green Terror Fish Breeding

Basically, green terrors are carnivorous fish, meaning they need animal protein intake for growth. In their natural habitat, the green terror feeds on worms, insects and crustaceans. You can also feed him live food like that if kept in an aquarium. In addition to live food, these predatory fish can also be fed artificial feed such as pellets. If you don’t want to bother providing live food, you can give him frozen food such as frozen worms or shrimp.

Aquarium Condition

Since these predatory fish like to dig, it’s a good idea to give a substrate of large rocks or better not to use it at all. You can also provide artificial caves, rocks, wood and plants to resemble their natural habitat. For an aquarium of this size, you need an aquarium that can hold at least 35 gallons or 132 liters of water. If you want to keep a pair, then you can provide twice as much.

Ideal Water Parameters

Keep the pH neutral to slightly acidic, around 6 to 8. Try to keep the pH at 7 for best results . Water hardness is also something you should monitor with ideal levels between 5-20 dGH. As for the temperature, you can keep it between 20-25 degrees Celsius. because they come from South America, which has a tropical climate.

Maintenance and Care

Although how to maintain green terror cichlid fish is quite easy, there are several things you need to pay attention to to maintain fish health . Green terror fish including fish that are quite strong, but like other fish, it is quite sensitive to sudden changes in water parameters. To ensure that your fish always have an ideal environment, you should change 15-20% of the water every two months to ensure that the water quality remains good. However, if the water is smelly or cloudy, you can replace it sooner. You can also maintain good water quality by using good filtration. Don’t forget to replace the media when it gets dirty.

Tank Mates

It’s a bit difficult to provide a suitable companion for an aggressive fish like this green terror cichlid. So you should be able to keep it alone, or a pair of male and female in one aquarium. If you want to combine it with other fish, make sure they are also predatory, aggressive, and the same size. Some suitable tank mates such as cichlids such as jack dempsey , catfish and gars. But make sure you first ask the seller about the suitability of the fish.