What is the Best Substrate for a Planted aquarium?

The substrate is the basis for any planted aquarium. Your choice regarding this element can define the success or failure of your project. When setting up an aquarium without plants, the choice can be defined mainly by aesthetics, but with a planted one it is necessary to consider numerous factors. On a planted aquarium, we … Read more

Best Carpet Plants for Aquarium

Aquariums with plant mats are among the most desired aquascapes by aquarists, although carpets are considered very demanding. Everyone who enjoys planted aquariums and considers them works of art, at some point has come across a beautiful aquarium in the Iwagumi style, with a green carpet covering the entire length of the aquarium and giving … Read more

Best Water Plants For Guppy Fish

Best Water Plants For Guppy Fish

Keeping fish in a regular aquarium that doesn’t contain live aquatic plants or decorations and only contains fish can sometimes be boring. Not all fish are suitable and can use live plants or decorations in the aquarium. Some of the larger fish are likely to damage or eat live plants. If you use artificial decorations, it is … Read more

4 Things You Should Know Before Using Anubias Plants

Anubias Growth

Currently there are very many aquascape plants that can be found in ornamental fish shops or aquascape equipment. Among the many types of plants, anubias is one of the easiest plants to maintain. Because anubias is easy to care for, making this plant a very appropriate choice and is most often chosen by beginners who are … Read more

Bucephalandra Care Guide, Types, Propagation, Growth Rate, Temperature

Bucephalandra Care

Are you new to the hobby of aquascape? Or have you been happy with aquascapes for a long time but are still confused about which plants to use for your next aquascape? Maybe bucephalandra is a plant that will be suitable for your new aquascape as well as for beginners. Bucephalandra Overview Family Araceae Maintenance Easy Growth … Read more

Cryptocoryne Care Guide, Types, Temperature, Growth Rate

Cryptocoryne Plants

Cryptocoryne is one of the most commonly used plants in aquascapes. Not only because it is easy to maintain, but cryptocoryne is also often used because it has very diverse types. One of the main attractions of this plant is its leaves which have various shapes and colors. Cryptocoryne Overview Family Araceae Maintenance Easy (suitable for … Read more

Java Moss Care, Growth Rate, Temprature Complete Guide

Java Moss Temperature

It doesn’t feel complete to talk about aquascape plants if you don’t discuss one of the most popular plants, namely java moss. Just like java fern and anubias, java moss is a plant that is also often used. This is because it is easy to get java moss at merchants and also the maintenance of java … Read more

Java Fern Care Guide, How To Grow, Propagation, Problems

Java Fern Propagation Aquarium

Microsorum pteropus or better known as java fern is one of the plants most often used in aquascapes. Java fern is one of the most frequently used plants due to its ease of maintenance, so it is often the choice of beginners. In this article, I will share information about how to plant, how to care for, … Read more