Glass Catfish Complete Care Guide, Size, Tank Mates

The beautiful African Glass Catfish which is also known as Parailia pellucida is a strange, unique and exquisitely alluring fish for the medium to huge local area planted aquarium community. It is known for its exceptional and stunning appearance and its agile different nature tutoring conduct. In contrast to numerous other catfish species in the family, this beautiful fish is frequently dynamic during daylight hours. Most of its body is like straight forward, making its skeleton, hard and inner organs of its body visible. This fish occupies a considerable lot of the streams of Western Africa and its area just as different locales of the landmass.

In spite of the fact that this beautiful glass fish appears to be comparable, it’s anything but similar species as the other fish Asian Ghost Glass Catfish which is also known as Kryptopterus Bicirrhis. These types of all fish will school together. They are serene commonly by nature and very hesitant, particularly at that time when they are first brought into your fresh water tank. Plants are key for these fish as power source as they will utilize them and get the energy as concealing spots which help to hinder brilliant, direct light that they will in general stay away from or avoid.

Glass Catfish overview Glass Catfish (Parailia pellucida)

Glass Catfish Size

The normal beautiful glass catfish size is 4-6 crawls long. This is bigger than a great deal of aquarist’s idea perhaps in light of the fact that a ton of clear fish are on the more modest and little side. Their size is affected by hereditary qualities which they get and the nature of care they get from the owners of them. The average size of this fish is about to 6 inch if it gets the proper food and care.


The principal and common thing you will see about these fish is their unmistakable appearance and it is very clear. Their straightforward skin which is very stunning allows you to see their bones and organs very clearly.

Up and down the body of this fish you can see their ribs upward and a focal spinal segment in its body. They do have a beautiful marginally raised bit of their back which is the place of the back where their dorsal blade is exist. Their tail blade is almost imperceptible and attractive, similar to the ventral balance on their stomach and belly side. These two balances in their appearance together take into consideration them to swim all over in the water section or any other place of water. In addition to the fact that this looks more stunning in any of other appearance of any other fish.  

Life Span

The normal glass catfish life expectancy and its age is somewhere in the range of 7 and 8 years and this is almost common in all that type of fishes. This is a strong and proper measure of time that truly allows you to appreciate to breed them in your home and bond with these fish.

Their life expectancy and the common time period of this fish can be abbreviated altogether in the event that you don’t give them the appropriate water tank conditions. Ensure you stay predictable with these fishes and follow the suggestions in this aide on the off chance that you need to guarantee that they live as far as might be feasible if you truly want to breed them in your home.

Glass Catfish Care

Glass catfish care is genuinely basic and much easy that everyone can do it. Once you know the fundamentals of its care. There aren’t any significant obstacles or another difficult thing you need to explore. All things considered, and noticed everything’s tied in with being predictable and giving them the right fresh water tank, water condition, and specially food conditions.

Galss Catfish Tank Size

The stunning and beautiful Glass catfish do best with a base tank size of 30 gallons if you want its best breeding. This is accepting that fact for its growth you have around 5 of them in a similar fresh water tank since they don’t do well when kept alone means these fishes are comfort with the tank mates and it is best thing for them.  

This tank size will permit them to easily swim with other tank mates around and have the important social commitment with members of the tank and security that a school gives. We don’t suggest going with a more modest or little tank since that would expect you to keep less of them together as they have unique nature.

Glass Catfish Tank Mates

Galss Catfish Tank Mates

The quantity of glass and the material catfish tank mates you can look over is very high in size. These fish are fabulous in local area tanks which can be found anywhere and very common that can coincide with an assortment of different creatures of its family or any other type of fishes.

The two things you’ll need to look out and it is important for those who want its breeding for with regards to discovering appropriate glass catfish tank mates are size and animosity and it will be best for it.  Here we are mention some of its tank mates.

  • Cory Catfish
  • Moly Fish
  • Kuhli Loach
  • Swordtails


The Glass catfish is a fun and remunerating experience and its look is very attractive that all aquarists will appreciate. These fish are unbelievably remarkable by its body and charming to watch and will add an entirely unexpected dynamic to whatever water tank they’re in and it is very friendly to its tank mates.  

Quite possibly the main things and important to recall with regards to keeping apparition the stunning catfish alive and solid is to treat water boundaries and levels appropriately and it is its special feature by nature. This fish is one of the best things in this fish is its nature and look. If you want to breed any fish then it is your best choice.