How to Make Betta Fish Happy

We all love our betta fish. They are fantastic, beautiful and interesting animals due to their active and curious behavior. But if our fish are making us happy, are we making our bettas happy too? If you have chosen to take care of a goldfish, it is important to always keep in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that it has a good and healthy life. But then, what do we need to do to make the betta fish happy?
To be happy, your betta fish needs a good aquarium to live in, with plenty of space, a filter, constant temperature and quality water. In addition, he needs highly nutritious food. This is the basics we need to offer our fish. But there are other ways to make your betta even happier, such as adding plants and offering live food to your fish.

What do you think? Are you giving your betta everything he needs to be happy? Let’s learn, step by step, how to make your betta stop being a sad fish, to become the happiest betta you’ve ever seen.

Is your betta sad or happy?

This is an important question to begin with. How is your betta now? If you don’t give him everything he needs, he certainly could be better. However, it is good to know the signs that identify if a betta fish is happy and healthy, or if he is sad and sick.

To identify a happy betta fish, we can look at the signs below:

  • Your betta has strong, vibrant colors.
  • Betta eating regularly and in good amounts.
  • Your betta swims smoothly.
  • The betta’s fins and tails are preserved, with no corroded and cut points.

To identify if your betta is not happy, we have the following signs:

  • The betta’s colors are faint and not very vibrant.
  • Your betta’s appetite is erratic and doesn’t seem very interested in food.
  • The betta is sick or stressed if its fins and tails are torn or corroded.
  • If the betta is always with its fins closed and glued to the body.
  • Your betta is always lying at the bottom of the aquarium or hiding from everything.

Observing these points, it is possible to notice with more certainty how the state of your animal is. If you don’t provide the necessary conditions for your betta to be happy, he will not only be sad, but he will also be much more susceptible to illness. So pay attention to the tips we are going to give you to have a healthy and happy betta in your aquarium.

Preparing the perfect aquarium to make your betta fish happy

Many aquarium stores and pet shops do a poor job of guiding those interested in getting into the hobby. Wanting to make an easy sale, they say the betta is a fish that only needs a small 1 liter aquarium and nothing else. But, is this true?

Certainly not! They need much more than just a tiny aquarium. Bettas are strong and resistant fish that can survive for a long time in very unpleasant situations for them. This is the case of these aquariums that are often called beteiras. Usually less than 1 liter, these containers are a real torture for the betta.

The betta really is a fish that needs little space to live, but that doesn’t mean it can live in any tiny space. If you raise a betta in these conditions, he will hardly live many years, in addition to having a sad life and suffering various health problems due to stress. I assume you don’t want that for your fish, right?

So if you want to make your betta happy, get a decent sized aquarium for him. The recommendation for beta fish is to have at least 18 liters for the little fish. Some people manage to raise them in slightly smaller containers, but it becomes much more difficult in smaller aquariums. Therefore, if your focus is really to have a beautiful, healthy and happy betta, it is highly recommended that you have an aquarium of at least 18 liters.

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Filtration, temperature and water parameters needed for a happy betta

Other myths about betta fish can also make your fish sad. Know that the betta does need a filterhe also needs an aquarium with the right temperature and water with right parameters for species. They are often raised without these things, however, they will always be suffering under these conditions even if they manage to survive.

So get a quality filter for your betta’s aquarium. This filter will help to have more oxygen dissolved in the water and will also keep the water clean. When choosing the filter, always look for good brands and filters with a flow rate of 5 to 10 times the volume of the aquarium.

Aside from the filter, bettas also don’t like temperatures varying too quickly. Especially if you live in a region where the temperature fluctuates a lot during the day. To keep your betta happy, always try to keep the water temperature between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius. But it is also important to prevent this temperature from changing. That’s why it’s ideal to have a heater with thermostatthis way, if you set the temperature to 25 degrees, whenever it goes down from that, the heat is activated to bring the water back to 25 degrees.

Another important factor in keeping your betta happy is making sure the water parameters are right for them. Betta fish should live in waters with ammonia and nitrite tending to zero. Values ​​above harm your fish, if they are too high, they can even kill you. Another important parameter is the pH of the water. Bettas are fish that do best at a pH close to neutral. So you should keep your fish in an aquarium with the Ph between 6.6 and 7.4 so that he feels comfortable and stays healthy.

A well-fed betta is a happy betta

Nutrition is a fundamental aspect for the life of any living being. Therefore, any animal under your care deserves all your attention in terms of food. It’s the same with betta fish, so always give quality food, from well-known brands and recommended by veterinarians and aquarists. Also be careful not to overfeed or underfeed your fish. Betta fish should generally be fed two to three times a day. At each of these times, an amount of food that is roughly equivalent to the size of the betta’s eye should be given. For example, in the case of small pellet rations, it is customary to give 2 or 3 pellets at a time.

How live foods make your betta happier

A very efficient way to make your betta happy is to offer him live food. Just do this once or twice a week. You will see your betta as happy as ever, swimming all over the place. This is an exercise that is very good for the betta, as it moves him a lot, in addition to messing with his carnivorous fish instinct.

Some live foods you can offer your betta are brine shrimp, bloodworm and peanut beetle larva. To ensure the quality of the food, always try to buy from trusted stores that are recommended by many aquarium owners. By offering live food to your betta fish, you will quickly see how much happier they will be!

What plants can do for your betta’s happiness

If you want to set up the perfect aquarium for your betta fish, try including natural plants in it. is what this study at the Federal University of Espírito Santo show. Plants make the betta feel much more at home. Your aquarium will look much more like your fish’s original habitat. Plus, plants provide your betta with plenty of places to hide or rest when he’s tired or shy. All of this lessens the fish’s stress, making it a much happier betta.

Keep your betta fish happy

Give your betta everything he needs, a comfortable and suitable habitat, quality water, a balanced diet and that’s it, he’ll be happy! If you want to do even more for your betta, give him live food a few times a week. Also, build a planted aquarium for him. He will feel more at home than ever. By following all these tips, you will have a betta beaming with happiness!