What is the Best Water to Put in My Aquarium?

What is pure and clean water?

Pure and clean water is nothing more than that free of toxic substances such as, for example, chlorine, chloramine heavy metals and nitrogenous compounds.

One thing you need to know is that there may be some tolerance for water quality, but the purer it is, the better for your fish. Next, we’re going to look at some of the most frequently used types of water and also determine which one is best for you to put in your aquarium! Enjoy!

What are the most common types of water used in aquariums?

There are some types of water that are common and others that are a little harder to find. Check it out below:

Rain water

Using rainwater in an aquarium will depend a lot on where you live. For example, if you live in regions where there are large urban centers, busy roads or factories, think twice. Remember that rainwater absorbs pollution and this can cause some problems for the fish.

Also, if you are thinking of collecting water that falls from the roof or gutters, just imagine how much chemical and organic waste it can contain. It sounds like a good idea? I think not!

Generally speaking, you can even treat rainwater using a filter with activated charcoal. But you should always carry out pH, ammonia and hardness tests to see if their values ​​are compatible with those of the fish in your aquarium.

Mineral water

Depending on the brand of water you have, its mineral composition can vary greatly from that found in nature, so using it in the aquarium will depend a lot on its origin.

The vast majority of brands have some traits in common, such as high pH or very low, in addition to compounds such as Potassium nitrate, Sodium and Magnesium, Calcium Sulfate and Sodium Chloride. These compounds are usually described on the packaging of these products.

Also, mineral water is not usually that cheap and if you have a very large aquarium, fill it with this type of water and carry out partial exchanges often, it may not be a good idea, even though it can still be used.

Deionized water

Deionized water would be an excellent option to put in your aquarium, as it is the only one that guarantees a substance that is really free of any element that could be harmful to the fish.

Unfortunately, deionized water is only obtained through a device called a Deionizer. When water passes through it, it tends to be a little acidic, but this is an easy problem to solve with chemicals known as alkalizers.

Tap water

THE tap water is the best water to put in your aquarium, as you can get it very easily, and its low cost makes it very comfortable to use. Nonetheless, to use it correctly, you will need to treat it first!

The process of treating tap water is quite simple. Just buy a good water conditioner and use the recommended amount to remove the chlorine, chloramine and the heavy metals present so that it is fit for fish.

I will take the opportunity to list the main conditioners on the market to treat tap water.

The use of a good conditioner is essential to have good quality water, but after using it, you should also check its temperature and its pH levels and kH, and correct them if necessary!

What is the best water to put in the aquarium?

There is no general rule of thumb about what is the best water to put in an aquarium. However, some of them may better meet your needs, depending on the time and amount of resources available.

Finally, I recommend that you use tap water yourself. But remember that you will need to treat it with a good conditioner before placing it in your aquarium!