Cherry Barb Care Guide | Size, Breeding & Tank Mates

The beautiful fish Cherry Barb also known as Puntius titteya is a tropical freshwater species which belongs to the family Cyprinidae. Cherry Barbs fishes are brightly colored by nature and one of the most popular and beautiful fish in the water. Their bright colors of this fish and schooling nature of cherry barb is adored by aquarists of all levels.

This fish has peaceful nature and it is found in SriLanka also some in Mexico and Colombia. This beautiful fish is commercially important and has worth in the aquarium trade in the world and farmed in larger numbers in different places, but one thing is important that it remains threatened by overcollection and habitat loss also other ends on factors.

It is the best ever choice and peaceful species for the homes. If you are looking for a beautiful and attractive fish for your tank at home then this fish cherry barb is the best option. Now we will mention the Cherry Barb Size, Cherry Barb Breeding, Cherry Barb Tank Mates.

Cherry Barb Chart

cherry barb fish

Cherry Barb Size and Shape

This beautiful fish cherry barb is a small elongated fish in the freshwater with a relatively compressed beautiful and attractive body. Generally the length of this fish is about 2 Inches. The female fish is beautifully fawn-colored on top of its body with a slight greenish sheen on its body. The sides and belly of this fish have gleaming silver highlights which make it more attractive. This fish has a rosy tone on its back side of the body and on the upper sides of the body. The male fish has a reddish color on its body and it is  becoming very deep red when its breeding starts. The female fishes have two pinkish color stripes down their sides of the body and it is also becoming darker when ready to breed and become more attractive.

Cherry Barb Breeding

During the breeding of this beautiful species the male cherry barb swims just behind the female cherry barb to chase away rival males in the tank or in the freshwater. The female fish will spawn 200 to 300 eggs in its lifespan and scatter them on different types of plants and on the substrate. Sometimes this fish eats its own eggs and small fry. The eggs of this fish hatch in one to two days. After the time of Five weaks the eggs which are hatched get the 1 cm shape and then easily identified as cherry barb.

Cherry Barb Tank Mates

Due to peaceful nature this fish likes to live with the species who has also a peaceful nature so the following are some species which can be best tank mates for this beautiful fish .

  • Dwarf Gourami
  • Pearl Gourami
  • Molly Fish
  • Asian Stone Cat
  • Kuhli Loach
  •  Neon Tetra
  • Rainbow Sharks
  • Otocinclus

 The above are some species which you can keep in the same tank where you are breeding fish Cherry Barb

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