Peacock Gudgeon Care, Tank Mates, Size, Breeding Complete Guide

The Peacock Gudgeon which is also known by Tateurndina ocellicauda is a very lovely attractive and peaceful fish that makes a magnificent and stunning expansion to the nano or planted aquarium because it has small size. Any fish from the goby family has stunning look and this fish is a completely freshwater weirdo and live better in clean and fresh water and love that won’t just flourish but has the other side however this beautiful fish will frequently produce in the home aquarium.

The Peacock Gudgeon is a peaceful and attractive fish by its nature. The male fish will frequently pose with each other, yet for the most part don’t battle finally, particularly and the important thing that in an aquarium with a lot of plants which are its tank mates, rockwork, driftwood, and other concealing spots and points. This fish is viable and have stunning appearance with most other tranquil fish. It might go after bantam shrimp the fish like neocaridina and carindian the name of the fish honey bee types particularly their fry. However, it is generally serene with spineless other creatures and species are absolutely protected to keep with a portion of the bigger and huge shrimp fish that we offer, like Amano, Flower, Green Lace, and Vampire Shrimp.

The Peacock Gudgeon fish is likewise known to bounce commonly when being kept in water tanks so guarantee that the tank is all around covered to help keep jumpers getting away from the tank. Assuming the tank is rimless by structure and a cover isn’t an alternative of it, keeping the water level down a couple of inches for its best breeding and it can assist with keeping them in the tank in the event that they bounce.

Peacock Gudgeon Fish OverView

Name Peacock Gudgeon, Tateurndina ocellicauda
Tank Size 15 Gallons
Family Eleotridae
Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Size 1-2.5 Inches
Lifespan 4-5 Years

Peacock Gudgeon Care Guide


With regards to looks of this fish the beautiful Peacock Gudgeons are quite possibly the most delightful freshwater and peaceful fish you can get and breed it at your home. They have lively tones in the body that contrast regular aqua scaping, settling on them a decent decision and choice of the person who want to breed them for any fresh water tank ecosystem. These fish have long and thin bodies by nature. Their heads are adjusted properly. Grown-up the males can even create a nuchal bump on the brow and it is in the male fish, making that round shape with beautiful look which is much more articulated.


The normal and common Peacock Gudgeon size is around 3 inches in length. Females Peacock Gudgeon normally just arrive at lengths of roughly 2 and a half because they are tiny then Males fish.

The New born and immature fish will arrive at development at some point somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 months by their nature. They’ll be near full length by its size at this stage, however some will grow somewhat greater before long and have longer size.

Life Span

In proper conditions and suitable environment, the normal Peacock Gudgeon life expectancy and time period of living is somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 years in bondage.  The lifespan of this fish is almost 5 years if the diet and the tank is suitable for its best breeding.  The male fish have more life span then the female.

Tank Size

On account of their little and tiny size which is good thing regarding tank size. The fish Peacock Gudgeons needn’t bother with a huge load of room or any tank because of their size and they’re astonishing freshwater nano fish. To make things significantly simpler and the main thing in this fish is that, these fish aren’t the greatest swimmers in the tank.

Thus, you don’t must have wide space in your tank to keep them sound. The base tank size for best breeding of this fish is 15 gallons. That is appropriate and proper and suitable for a little gathering of Peacock Gudgeons Fishes. Obviously, in the event that you plan on having an enormous gathering and many fishes or multi-species local area water tank, bigger is in every case better.

Tank Mates

The fish Peacock Gudgeon is pretty chill by its nature and will do fine behave and dandy with other tranquil fish in the same tank where they are and that are about a similar size as they have tiny size. If you are interested in this fish then You need to be cautious about putting them with more forceful fish who have aggressive behave and fish that are bigger than they are by the size. Bigger fish in size are probably going to gulp down your Peacock Gudgeons fishes.

In case you’re including any fish in the water tank at your home that are more regional or local ensure you have an aquarium the tank that is huge enough for the other fish to cut out their own space in that of water tank so the Peacock Gudgeons don’t feel compromised with its tank mates. Some of its suitable tank mates are following.


Now this time you have read this article and now you realize why we’re such large enthusiasts of this beautiful small fish. They’re wonderful by the nature, the care of this fish is so easy and it is enjoying to observe it in the tank. This fish is stunning and attractive by its appearance. It is very interesting and fun to observe it in the tank.

The most special thing in this fish is its look and its size. This fish has almost 5 ear life span normally and the tank size is required for this fish is 15 gallons.  In case you’re keen on getting familiar and have knowledge about the fishes and specially with this species or have data then you can share it here with us by contact us.