Bamboo Shrimp (Atyopsis Moluccensis) Complete Care Guide, Breeding, Tank Size

Bamboo Shrimp fish which also known as Atyopsis Moluccensis are a freshwater and peaceful nature species which are found in South Asia. While they’re scattered all over the region and easily available in general form, some of the notable and famous locations where they are found and the countries are Malaysia Sri Lanka, Okinawa, and the country Thailand.

There are many other names generally for this beautiful fish which can be a bit tough to keep track of and remember in the mind. The most common name of this fish is the Fan Shrimp fish, Flower Shrimp fish, Singapore Shrimp, Wood Shrimp, and the another one is Singapore Flower Shrimp.

Bamboo Shrimp Beautiful fishes are related local to Southeast Asia and can be a fascinating, stunning aquarium shrimp in a water tank specially if you are breeding them in your home. Bamboo Shrimp fishes are promptly always ready to available at both nearby fish stores at the market as corporate retailers. They are available in the stores in little form, medium and enormous sizes at suitable price.

 Before you purchase these beautiful fishes, ensure your Bamboo Shrimp fish has the entirety of his legs on his body, receiving wires and eyes properly. Additionally, you must check whether the shrimp fish has great tone fantastic look, and is generally dynamic and solid by the nature. Bamboo Shrimp fishes are tranquil in mien. They are non-forceful mean have peaceful nature and are truly amusing to watch in the water tank.

Bamboo Shrimp Fish Care

Bamboo Shrimp Appearance

The look of this fish is stunning. The presence of the Bamboo Shrimp fish in your tank is one of our number one thing about the animal varieties in the world. While a many individual and the fish lover and fish owners expect that all shrimp appear to be identical and stunning, but this fish has the unique look.


The common and general Bamboo Shrimp size of this fish is 3 inch when it fully grown. This size is larger than almost all other shrimps’ fishes. This fish is tiny fish by its size but have a great stunning look.

Bamboo Shrimp Fish Care

The fish Bamboo Shrimp care is much easy these fishes are quite simple to really focus on and care off. They don’t have numerous extraordinary prerequisites and other extra care steps and they care for themselves as more and most of the time

Nonetheless, they need their favored and suitable conditions to be kept up in the tank and actually like any amphibian pet would and the tank mates. Cleaning the tank is significant thing for its breeding, for example, water changes every day and cleaning away green growth inside the tank.

On the off chance that you notice and observe an old shell from shedding for its breeding, you can leave it’s anything several days in the water tank. Some of the time shrimp fishes return to eat as diet them since they are brimming with supplements. Eliminate it in the event that they don’t show interest and have no reason to interest however.

The equivalent is valid for dead shrimp fish in the water tank. Here and there the leftover shrimp fishes will eat the dead water tank mate and the family members for the supplements. Eliminate the dead shrimp fish in the event that it is left alone however in the water tank.

In the event that some time you notice that a shrimp fish has stayed still for quite and peaceful a while, then, at that point there might be an off-base thing and this its special quality. It could simply and easy to imply that they are preparing to shed while breeding, yet on the off chance that they are as yet not moving in the tank or eating a few days or some time, then, at that point there is presumably an issue and problem in the water tank.

Utilize a testing unit and the meter to check the boundaries of the climate and tank condition and promptly fix any issues if you found in the tank. And you should be doing this once on the weak.

Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp Breeding And Diet

The breeding of this fish Bamboo Shrimp is no simple accomplishment and not the easy task for the beginners. This isn’t the suitable water species to pick in the event that you need to begin a shrimp breeding in the reproducing tank, Ghost Shrimp and other fish like Cherry Shrimp would make simpler alternatives for breeding in the home.

Maybe the most concerning issue and the main problem is that adolescents need saline water for best breeding and for to grow appropriately and in the proper way, yet grown-ups can’t get by in salty water and the water tank.

If you are still interested to breed them in your home then remember these important things. It is ideal and suitable to have a male to female shrimp fish proportion of 1:1. Fortunately, and the best thing is that they are not difficult to sex, as we covered prior in this article.

 A female bamboo shrimp fish will convey up to 2000 orange eggs on her midsection for 30-40 days and it is the suitable for her. These will become brown by look as they grow time to time then at that point incubate into little and small skimming hatchlings.

You will require a fitting wipe channel for its best growth to guarantee that the little hatchlings aren’t taken in with the water and the water tank. Picking an eating routine and diet schedule for the hatchlings mean the larva the child of this fish can be troublesome. Little and small amount of green marine water in the water tank have been accounted for to function admirably.


We trust this article has shown you the fundamentals and basic information about the fish Bamboo Shrimp care and urged you to get some for yourself from the market and breed them in your house. This fish is stunning by look and size is tiny but the breeding od this fish is difficult as compare to the other shrimp fishes. Still it is unique and good to observe in the water tank.

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