Iridescent Shark Care Guide, Growth Rate, Tank Mates, Size,

The beautiful Iridescent sharks (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) which also known and called the siamese shark or sutchi catfish, are a type of catfish which are mostly found in Southeast Asia and Thailand areas. It is also found in the Mekong bowl just as the Chao Phraya River area, and is intensely developed and start its growth for food there.

 In the water and in the aquarium, they give a great deal of tutoring and other activities. They are liked by the people and famous among the for their conduct and appearance which is much stunning. This fish is a types of shark catfish which belongs to family Pangasiidae.  In spite of its name, it’s anything but a shark. It is very large fresh water fish by its size.

The meat of this fish is regularly promoted and sold under the normal name swai. It has likewise been brought into other stream bowls and also famous as a food source, and its striking appearance and physical look and radiance have made it mainstream with fishkeeping specialists, among whom it is otherwise called the Siamese shark which is it’s another name or commonly sutchi catfish.


Let we talk about Iridescent Shark Size; the normal size of this shark can arrive at 3-4 feet long when it is completely developed. We weren’t joking and it is serious and true that all when we said these fish can get very huge in size!

Their size is probably the most concerning issue and it is its negative point that people need to explore. These fish frequently get bought by individuals or that person who has no knowledge about this fish and its size and who don’t comprehend their most extreme size and development rate of this fish. This is the big problems with this fish and that why people have no enough interest in this fish.

Iridescent Shark Care Guide


As the name of this fish expresses, these types of fish are radiant. The Iridescent Shark Appearance is stunning. They have glossy skin on their sides of their body as adolescents. They additionally have two dark stripes on their body and underneath their horizontal line which makes it attractive.

This line is a tactile organ of the body of the fish that is loaded up with sensory tissue used to distinguish changes in the watery. As its size is huge and the appearance of this fish looks clear and you can easily recognize it as Iridescent Shark. 

If you want to judge the difference that Iridescent shark male or female the biggest thing and important difference between female and male to look for is their size of body. Females iridescent shark are a bit wider and less streamlined than males’ iridescent shark

Iridescent Shark Life Span

The Iridescent Shark life span is noticeable. The life period of this beautiful shark is vertically of twenty years means it can alive for 20 years. This is another motivation and the thing behind why understanding their huge size and development rate is so fundamental for the people.

These types of all fish that can live seemingly forever on the off chance that you give them proper atmosphere and the right climate. Doing anything in any case which is not suitable for this fish is unmerited, and will abbreviate their life time essentially due to careless.


Iridescent Shark Temperature is determined according to its birthplace temperature. As they are a freshwater fish that locally live in a heat and humidity environment and incline toward water with a 6.5–7.5 pH and it is most suitable for it, a water hardness of 2.0–29.0 dGH, and a temperature scope for this fish for living is  22–26 °C (72–79 °F).

Iridescent Shark Growth Rate

This shark fish is commonly around 2.5 to 4-inches in length at the time of sale or at its initial life period, and with a spacious and separate starter tank of fresh water and meaty diet for it. Then they should reach around a foot in length as its size is huge within a year. The Iridescent Shark Growth rate is very speedy.

Iridescent Shark Fish Tank Size

The Iridescent Shark Tank Size is bigger as its body size. This shark requires a base tank of fresh water size of 12 m (39 ft) to grow normally. Schools fish require much bigger tanks for their better growth. Whenever who want their best growth given sufficient and large space and took care of satisfactorily, they can arrive at 1 m (3.3 ft) long in size. If you have not that type of tank then you cannot breed them or cannot make their growth best.

Tank Mates For Iridescent Shark

The best and suitable Iridescent Shark Tank Mates are quiet and peaceful in nature and the fish of comparable size. Anything a lot more modest may get confused with a tidbit

Since these are tranquil and modest and very peaceful and shy type of fish any other brutal fish are to be kept away from it. these sharks don’t have the initiative to retaliate or shield themselves which can make them obvious objectives or any aggressive behavior. This is clearly less of an issue with little brutal fish, yet it’s as yet worth staying away from these aggressive fish. The tank mates of this fish are following

  • Oscar Fish
  • Bichir
  • Silver Dollar Fish
  • Large Plecos
  • Tinfoil Barbs
  • Black Shark


Iridescent sharks are very attractive in appearance and rewarding and fun to own if you have this fish in your home. If you’re someone from those people who’s not deterred by large fresh water tanks and massive fish with huge size then this will be a great choice for you and your tank in your home. These are an expensive in cost and challenging fish by its nature that’s best left to advanced and expert fish keepers or any other beginners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream or think about setting up an amazing fresh water Shark Tank with your lottery winnings or any other jackpot.

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