Does Aquarium Need CO2?

When I first became interested in aquarium I looked for various important information about aquarium. Of course I’m also looking for information about CO2 and whether an aquarium must use CO2 to be successful. After I searched I finally found the information. Does the aquarium need CO2? The short answer is it is necessary. Just like … Read more

Can You Add Fish to a New Tank Right away?

When Can You Add Fish to a New Aquarium

You have bought a new aquarium along with all the equipment to make a beautiful aquascape. As soon as you get home, you are excited to immediately make the aquascape you have been dreaming of for a long time. Don’t forget you also directly buy fish that have long been wanted to be maintained and complete the … Read more

How Long Can Guppies Go Without Eating?

How Long Can Guppies Go Without Food

Keeping fish is certainly a little different from keeping other animals. If an animal such as a cat or dog may be entrusted to someone else or currently there seems to be an animal care center that will take care of it. However, the fish will certainly be a little different if we really have to … Read more

How to Keep Fish Water Warm Without a Heater

How to Keep Fish Water Warm Without a Heater

Previously I have discussed the use of heaters for aquariums in previous articles. If you haven’t read the article, maybe you should read the article first and then return to this article. Basically, heating an aquarium without a heater is not an easy thing to do, or even impossible if you want to warm an aquarium forever without a heater. If … Read more

5 Gallon Fish Tank Guide, Light, Filter

5 Gallon Fish Tank Guide

A 5 gallon fish aquarium can add style and a sleek look to our homes and there are many styles and designs available. Surprisingly, there are various kinds of fish and invertebrates that we can keep in an aquarium of this size. Our guide below will explain everything we need to know about 5 gallon … Read more

Christmas Moss Complete Care Guide, Grow, Temperature and More

What is Christmas Moss? Christmas Moss is a classic and staple moss species. This plant Christmas Moss is also commonly known as Vesicularia Montagnei which is its scientific name and this plant is a member of the aquatic plants and belongs to the Hypnaceae family. Xmas Moss and Brazilian Willow Moss are also its common … Read more