Top 5 benefits of artificial aquarium plants

There is always a lot of debate about using artificial or live plants in an aquarium. But a common sense among all aquarists is that the live plants should be cultivated by those who are looking for new challenges in the world of aquarism.

At live plants can improve the water quality, but they can also destroy it. In most cases they will be more likely to do the latter unless you know how to grow them.

Despite the numerous advantages of having live plants in an aquarium, the decision to use them often leads to more hassle and maintenance than the famous artificial plants.

There are many aspects you should consider when choosing to add artificial plants to your aquarium. With that in mind, we have selected some of the main benefits of artificial plants that may help you choose them over live plants.

Before listing the main benefits of artificial plants, I need to tell you that the The best way to create an ideal environment for your fish is to simulate their natural habitat. In nature, you won’t find artificial plants, will you? So, if you are in doubt about which type of plant to choose, check out a list that we have separated with the easiest living plants to create for beginners. Maybe it’s a good way for you to start in this world and choose to have the most natural environment possible!

Anyway, here are the benefits of artificial aquarium plants:

1. Some artificial plants look real

If you do a search on the internet, chances are you’ll find some artificial plants that look very similar to their living counterparts – sometimes some even look better. As much as you will spend a little more money on them, you still won’t need powerful additional equipment to keep your plants alive.

The majority of planted aquariums require fertilizers, carbon dioxide injection systems and adequate lighting. Therefore, opting for artificial plants is an excellent way to not spend a lot on equipment.

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2. Requires almost no maintenance

At live plants that are dying in an aquarium absorb oxygen during the decomposition process. Leaves come loose and get stuck in the filter inlet and can clog the entire filtration system. However, as you can imagine, artificial plants are far from this process.

3. Can be planted anywhere

Live plants must be planted in specific substrates. Options for this include gravel of different shapes and sizes, fertile substrates and other items that are necessary for their survival. Artificial plants, on the other hand, do not require any substrate. You just need to put it inside the aquarium and leave it there however you like.

4. Artificial plants are easier to clean

Live plants that are decomposing become ugly and make the aquarium very dirty. This invalidates any attempt by an aquarist who doesn’t have as much time to clean the fish’s environment.

On the other hand, artificial plants are much easier to clean, just taking them out of the aquarium and putting them under water to remove their accumulated dirt.

5. They do not represent risks in the transport of parasites or snails

If live plants are not sterilized first, they can bring numerous parasites and snails for your aquarium. Some of these parasites can even wipe out all the aquatic life in it. You can use the artificial plants in quarantine aquariums without major problems, for example. Also, unless you got this plant from an aquarium, chances are it will come free of any parasites or snails.


Of course, the decision between choosing one type of plant or another is a personal preference. And don’t forget, preferences often change over time.

Like the planted aquariums are more expensive, require much more knowledge and work to be maintained, especially in the hands of a beginner. Artificial plants, in turn, can be a good way out! And while many purists might disagree, there’s nothing wrong with opting for the simpler option, as it’s just a matter of taste and condition!