Roseline Shark Complete Care Guide, Size, Tank Mates

Roseline Shark is a fantastic addition to large community in freshwater. It is also known by Denison Barb. This fish is color full bright and active and it makes huge fun when this shark lives in a group. This fish is Native to fast-moving rivers and the freshwater areas and streams in India. This fish is highly sought-after and very active swimmer in the fish-keeping community in a tank or in any other freshwater area.

They are easy to feed specially in a tank.  They are peaceful by their nature when they are housed in the appropriate numbers and the members of its family. Roseline Sharks the active fish live in large shoals and love to live in group. It also loves to inhabiting streams, rivers of fresh water and the places where water is fresh, clear and highly full with oxygen. Commonly these beautiful fish prefer well-oxygenated and fresh water with some current. They will display their best colors when excellent water quality is maintained in the tank or the place where they are breeding by the aquarists. As a fresh water active fish this fish loves to live in a group of 4 to 5 Rosaline shark or with other species as its tank mates.

However, this active and beautiful fish Roseline shark is not an ideal fish for a beginner nor is it ideal fish by most standards and aquarists. This fish is endangered in the wild. It gets relatively large by its size need wide space to swim in the water. This fish care is mostly seeming to be difficult but in actual it is easy to breed and easy to care for and as we have mentioned that it is active fish and it is not at all suitable for the beginner or for the lazy fish keeper.

Roseline Shark Size

Roseline Shark is an active swimmer and need more and wide space to live. The size of this fish at its mature age is 6 inch. Because of its big size then other fishes it needs a large community and wide range of water in its tank. This fish love to live in a group swim actively and its color is so bright which attract the people. This fish has a steady growth rate and not much easy to breed. The breed, care is little bit difficult but by its wonder full and clear colors it is most visible species in the water.

Roseline Shark Guide

Roseline Shark Care

The care of this fish is not too much easy to keep your Roseline Sharks in most excellent condition and healthy, consistently feed them the best and healthy food that you can get. Modest brands of fish food and other food which is not suitable for the sharks by and large contain loads of cushioning, which has no healthy benefit sand advantage in breeding and can cause long haul stomach related medical issues. For the best care for this beautiful fish is to arrange the aquarium size which must according to its size and its activity. The water quality should be high and it will be fresh and clear. You must take care of the plants which are in the tank with this fish. You must feed it with best food. Keep the temperature according to its nature and temperament.  The lazy fish keeper and the beginner is not at all suitable for the care of this fish. So, as this fish is active the owner and keeper of this fish should also be active.

Roseline Shark Chart

Roseline Shark Overview Roseline Shark Fish

Roseline Shark Tank Size

The size of the tank should be bigger because of its active swimming habit. This fish Roseline Sharks has the size of its body around 6 inches in length as mature.  This fish is powerful, active swimmers by its nature that need wide range of space. The minimum size for the tank or the aquarium size must be 55 gallon for the breeding of school fish and you can enhance the size and the water quantity to in it if  you are willing to breed a group of roselines shark or want to keep the other species with this fish.

Roseline Shark Tank Mates

The Roseline fish is peaceful by its nature and its behavior with each other and with other fishes is peaceful. But generally, there are few fishes and other species which can be breed or live with this shark fish Basically, this fish want that type of the tank mates that are agile and fast swimmers by nature, and that type of fish which don’t have trailing, delicate fins in its body. The following are some tank mates of this fish.

  • Cherry Barb
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Large Tetra Species
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Rosy Barb
  • Kribensis Cichlids
  • Tiger Barb
  • Celestial Pearl Danio

Final Verdict

The care of this fish roseline shark is something we figure each active aquarist can deal with this active fish, insofar as they’re focused on keeping up extraordinary water quality the water should be fresh and clear. These fishes love to live with the large community and love to swim actively. We hope that you will all about the guide about this fish in this article and now you are able to breed this fish without any trouble after reading this informative article.

 We suggest you if you are beginner then don’t try to breed because it is quite difficult for the beginner. If you are facing any difficulty regarding breeding, care, or any thing about this fish you can contact us. This fish is very visible to see in the tank and it is best addition to your tank because it is very attractive to see in the tank. If you want more knowledge regarding fish and other species of water then keep visiting