Quordle Answer 105, May 9, 2022,Quordle Clues and Word Solution

The Quordle 105 answer for May 9, 2022 has been uncovered. I’m not sure what made the developers or the RNG gods unhappy, but today’s puzzle is one of the hardest Quordles we’ve seen to date. You’ll need to be patient and flexible with your deductive skills to get all four words within nine guesses. The top-left word is one you might think would not be a valid option, while the bottom-right word is one that was more commonly used in the 1800s. If you need a hint for the latter word, it means a friendly relationship in a formal sense. Need more help with the puzzle? We’ve got the full four-word solution right below.

What is the Quordle answer 105? (May 9, 2022)

The Quordle answer 105 is:

  • “RALPH”
  • “INGOT”
  • “COVET”
  • “AMITY”

We must congratulate you if you’re able to get the full answer for Quordle 105 in nine guesses, because every word is challenging. Most people would consider “RALPH” as a formal name, but it also has the slang definition of “to vomit.” With luck, the unusual “-LPH” ending will lead you to the answer. The bottom-right word “AMITY” is very demanding as well, as it’s rarely used in common parlance and can even be confused with “ATIMY.”

The other words “INGOT” and “COVET” aren’t easy to figure out, either. Unless you’re into blacksmithing or have played Skyrim much, “ingot” might not very familiar. “COVET” also has the unusual letter “V” right in the middle.

Eliminating letters is much easier in Quordle than classic Wordle because it allows nine guesses instead of six. This allows you to guess all of the vowels and many of most common consonants (like those in the bonus round in Wheel of Fortune) within the first few tries. By the fourth guess, you’ll have a lot of letters confirmed in the green or yellow to help you work out all of the words.