Honey Gourami Care Guide | Size, Breeding & Tank Mates

Honey Gourami is one of the most attractive species which is found in water. It is native to India and Bangladesh. Typically found in rivers and lakes, it is also known as Scientific name is Trichogaster chuna. This fish likes to live in the top and middle range of the water. It is the most peaceful species and can live easily with other tank mates.

This beautiful Honey Gourami fish also named as Trichogaster chuna was first described and found by Hamilton and Buchanan in the year of 1822. When they found it they actually mistook males fish and females fish for two different species in the water. Males fish were known as Trichopoduschuna and female fish known as Trichopodus sota.

This fish the honey gourami has many different names like Red Flame Honey Gourami, Dwarf Fire Honey Gourami, Sunset Honey Gourami, Red Fire Dwarf Gourami and Red Robin Gourami. In this article we will mention Honey Gourami Size, Honey Gourami Breeding, Honey Gourami Shape and all about this beautiful fish.

Honey Gourami Chart

Honey Gourami Size and Shape

The average and general size of this beautiful fish honey gourami is around 2 to 3 inches in length. Male fishes and female fishes are typically same in size but in these species the female fishes often end up being a little bit larger in size when fully grown during its lifespan. The shape of this fish is a dead give away really the sunset honey gouramis species are more oval shaped and attractive with very small mouths as its shape. The red Robins have a different shape than the Gouramis.

Honey Gourami fish

Honey Gourami Breeding

The beautiful fish honey gourami is a bubble nest builder by nature. It uses plants of different types to help bind together the bubbles as its nest. The water level during its breeding in the water tank should be reduced to 8 and the temperature of the place should be approximately 28 °C (82°F) and the ph need is 7. Keep this beautiful fish Gouramis in a separate water tank to facilitate breeding og the honey gourami. The tank should be covered. When you are  ready to spawn this fish you will find the male building a small bubble nest by the help of other plants in one end of your tank. This fish displays its color to grab the attention of its partner in the tank.

Honey Gourami Tank Mates

Due to peaceful nature this fish likes to live with the species who has also a peaceful nature so the following are some species which can be best tank mates for this beautiful fish Honey Gourami.

  • Cory Catfish
  • Guppies
  • Sparkling Gouramis
  • Small Barbs
  • Mollies
  • Zebra Danios
  • Neon or Ember Tetras

The above are some species which you can keep in the same tank where you are breeding fish Honey Gourami.

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