Ember Tetra Complete Care Guide, Size, Tank Mate

The beautiful tiny fish Ember Tetra which is also known by Hyphessobrycon Amandae is a freshwater small fish belonging to a family of characin (Characidae) of the order Characiformes. It is normally found in the Araguaia River basin of Brazil country. 

This attractive Tropical fish have risen in popularity and become very famous over the last few years because this fish has mind-blowing appearance and playful personalities by nature. Ember Tetra the beautiful fish is an eye-catching fish for everyone and that will light up any aquarium of your place, and its peaceful temperament makes it a great and best choice for any community tank at any place.

The small Ember Tetra fish normally occupies the up and middle level of the freshwater column of the tank although it can be swimming and feeding in the middle and bottom levels of the water of tank. It is safe and peaceful fish for its tank mates. Due to the extra small size of this fish.  This fish can be viewed as similar to the other tiny fish Micro rasboras as far as the compatibility with the other fish dwarf shrimp.

Ember Tetra Size

The ever-attractive small fish Ember Tetra has the size normally about 0.8 inches long in height. The body shape of this fish is a little elongated by appearance also and with females’ abdomens being slightly oblate during its breeding period of its life span. Female ember tetra generally also has a bigger air bladder from male ember tetra. By its size it is similar to other fish but with its unique appearance it is totally different from the other species. The size of this fish is not at all hurdle of its breeding in the tank with other tank mates.

Ember Tetra Chart

Ember Tetra Overview

Ember Tetra Breeding

The breeding of the fish Ember Tetra is very straightforward and very much easy and doesn’t require a lot of prep or any other arrangements on your part. There is no need of any extra special arrangements. You just arrange a tank of 50-gallon size and start the breeding and feeding with male and female in the same tank. Adjust the pH of around 7 and you must adjust the temperature to its normal range that is above   80°F degree or less.

For their breeding the loating plants are a helpful expansion as they are driftwood branches and dried leaf litter in the body, the last driving foundation of organism states as deterioration happens. Such microorganisms can give an important auxiliary and healthy diet hotspot for fry to the ember tetra. While the tannins and different synthetics delivered by the rotting leaves are additionally beneficial for this fish. Filtration need just be delicate with an air-fueled wipe unique and attractive style unit ordinarily sufficient, albeit a level of freshwater development is adequate.

Ember Tetra Care

The care and breeding of this fish is so much easy. These fish are a dream of every fish lover to keep this fish in their tanks and are recommended for all aquarists of all experience levels like beginner, intermediate, and expert. However long you deal with the nuts and bolts with their living space and lifespan and water quality in the tank there isn’t much else you’ll have to stress over. That is the reason we prescribe and suggest them for anybody hoping to add a sprinkle of minuscule tone into their tank and want to be unique tank in the community.

Ember Tetra Tank Size

The ideal tank size for this tiny fish Ember Tetras is 10 gallons at the very least. This will permit you to keep a gathering of them together males and females and even other species and furthermore incorporate the important measure of plants and leaves and other parts of the plants. In the event that you need to incorporate a bigger number of these fish together in the same tank at that point you’ll need to up the tank size to 20 or 25 gallons for their best and healthy breeding. This will keep up the essential equilibrium of room for this fish and best for its growth and also for the other fish and plants.

Ember Tetra Tank Mates

As a result of their delicate and very charming nature, there are a lot of suitable and best tank mates for the ember tetra you can breed with this beautiful fish. These fish will stay out of other affairs and not trouble other fish and other living species in the tank, despite the fact that they are generally dynamic and peaceful by the nature. Following are its some tank mates

  • Red Cherry Shrimp Fish
  • The Dwarf Gourami
  • Pygmy Corydoras Specie
  • Barbs Fish
  • Neon Tetras Fish
  • Kribensis Dwarf Cichlids Fish
  • Discus
  • Rasbora
  • Hatchet Fish
  • Other Ember Tetras of Same Family

Final Verdict

Ember Tetras tiny fishes are a portion of our number one and beautiful freshwater fish out there. The mix of their magnificence and simplicity of care process and breeding make them the ideal fish for aquarists of any experience level may be at beginner or at expert level.

It’s very compelling and stunning to watch these fish swim around the tank with its tank mates or with its family members. The glint of splendid shading while they swim merits the cost of affirmation without a doubt and it is recognized by the all aquarists. Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning or essentially need a pretty and beautiful small and low-support freshwater fish, the Ember Tetra is an extraordinary decision and best choice. We’ve been prescribing these fish to our companions in the work for quite a long time and suggest our visitors to breed them, and now we’re doing likewise with you as you are also our lovely visitor

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