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How to Keep lemon tetra Fish in an Aquarium – If you like to keep beautiful, brightly colored fish, lemon tetra can be the right choice for you to keep. This fish from the African continent is one of the bright yellow ornamental fish that is strong and easy to care for. Apart from its beauty, the … Read more

How to Keep Silver Arowana Fish Complete Guide – Silver Arowana is a freshwater ornamental fish that has quite a lot of demand, in the market the price tends to be stable and not a seasonal type of fish. Let’s dive deeper, and learn how to keepthis beautiful predatory fish . Although not the most expensive type of fish like the … Read more

How to Keep Redtail Catfish (Complete Guide) – Redtail catfish or known by the scientific name phractocephalus hemioliopterus , is a type of predatory catfish that is very popular with hobbyists. Like other predatory ornamental fish , Redtail Catfish (RTC) is very much in demand because of its aggressiveness towards prey. Therefore, for predatory fish lovers , when feeding is the best time to see the … Read more

Electric Blue Acara: Complete Maintenance Guide – As the name implies, electric blue shows have a distinctive electric blue color that is so contrasting with other fish in the aquarium . Because of its beauty, this cichlid is a favorite of hobbyists to keep it in the aquarium. In addition, electric blue shows are also one of the types of freshwater … Read more

Neon tetra fish are one of the most abundant ornamental fish and are most often kept by ornamental fish hobbyists. Neon tetra fish are widely loved because their relatively small size and striking red and blue colors make this fish pleasing to the eye. In addition to its beauty, neon tetra fish also have a relatively … Read more

Oscar fish is one of the predatory fish that is widely kept, usually because of its unique body color. But actually Oscar fish is a smart fish and seems to have a personality, if it is likened to an Oscar fish, it looks like a dog. In this article I will discuss about Oscar fish … Read more

The Crowntail Betta fish or also known as the Siam fighting fish , has its origin in the shallow waters of rice crops found in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This freshwater fish is one of the most popular pets for aquarium enthusiasts due to its spectacular colors. If you are considering having this fish as a pet, there are things you should … Read more

Paradise fish known scientifically as paradise fish belongs to the family of anabantids . It is of Asian origin , specifically from the southern part in the countries of China, Korea, northern Vietnam and Taiwan . They were the first species of tropical fish to be imported into Europe 150 years ago. This fish adapts easily to different environments. For this reason, they live in streams, lagoons, swamps or irrigation channels. They … Read more

If you are a true aquarist, you have probably heard of the Galaxy Rasbora, a small Asian fish that has won the hearts of thousands of fans. Since its introduction in 2006, this fish has not stopped gaining followers around the world . What is behind its popularity? How to take care of them correctly? In this post we will solve all your … Read more

Read About Iridescent Shark Fish The beautiful Iridescent sharks (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) which also known and called the siamese shark or sutchi catfish, are a type of catfish which are mostly found in Southeast Asia and Thailand areas. It is also found in the Mekong bowl just as the Chao Phraya River area, and is intensely … Read more