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How to Keep Redtail Catfish (Complete Guide) – Redtail catfish or known by the scientific name phractocephalus hemioliopterus , is a type of predatory catfish that is very popular with hobbyists. Like other predatory ornamental fish , Redtail Catfish (RTC) is very much in demand because of its aggressiveness towards prey. Therefore, for predatory fish lovers , when feeding is the best time to see the … Read more

Emperor Angelfish Care Guide – Emperor Angelfish are beautiful and exotic marine ornamental fish . This fish is also often called “Angel batman” probably because of its resemblance to the  action figure. Having the scientific name pomacanthus imperator , this emperor angelfish is native to tropical waters near Hawaii. Certainly because of its beauty, this fish is often a permanent resident of marine aquariums … Read more

Electric Blue Acara: Complete Maintenance Guide – As the name implies, electric blue shows have a distinctive electric blue color that is so contrasting with other fish in the aquarium . Because of its beauty, this cichlid is a favorite of hobbyists to keep it in the aquarium. In addition, electric blue shows are also one of the types of freshwater … Read more

Currently there are very many aquascape plants that can be found in ornamental fish shops or aquascape equipment. Among the many types of plants, anubias is one of the easiest plants to maintain. Because anubias is easy to care for, making this plant a very appropriate choice and is most often chosen by beginners who are … Read more

Are you new to the hobby of aquascape? Or have you been happy with aquascapes for a long time but are still confused about which plants to use for your next aquascape? Maybe bucephalandra is a plant that will be suitable for your new aquascape as well as for beginners. Bucephalandra Overview Family Araceae Maintenance Easy Growth … Read more

Cryptocoryne is one of the most commonly used plants in aquascapes. Not only because it is easy to maintain, but cryptocoryne is also often used because it has very diverse types. One of the main attractions of this plant is its leaves which have various shapes and colors. Cryptocoryne Overview Family Araceae Maintenance Easy (suitable for … Read more

Neon tetra fish are one of the most abundant ornamental fish and are most often kept by ornamental fish hobbyists. Neon tetra fish are widely loved because their relatively small size and striking red and blue colors make this fish pleasing to the eye. In addition to its beauty, neon tetra fish also have a relatively … Read more

It doesn’t feel complete to talk about aquascape plants if you don’t discuss one of the most popular plants, namely java moss. Just like java fern and anubias, java moss is a plant that is also often used. This is because it is easy to get java moss at merchants and also the maintenance of java … Read more

I quite often buy fish in a shop which is quite far from home. What I mean by far is about an hour’s drive, because in that shop I usually can buy fish and plants directly at the same place. Usually when buying fish, the fish must be wrapped in plastic. I sometimes wonder how long can … Read more

Oscar fish is one of the predatory fish that is widely kept, usually because of its unique body color. But actually Oscar fish is a smart fish and seems to have a personality, if it is likened to an Oscar fish, it looks like a dog. In this article I will discuss about Oscar fish … Read more