Pearl Gourami Care

Floating plants, subdued lighting, and a dark substrate are ideal. Although they prefer soft, acidic water, they are adaptable to a range of water conditions.

Pearl Gourami Tank Size

The recommended minimum tank size for pearl gourami is 30 gallons. Some care guides might tell you that you can get away with 20, but that’s too small in our opinion.

pearl gourami Size

The average pearl gourami size is somewhere between 4-5 inches. This measurement applies to their body.

pearl gourami Summary

The pearl gourami (scientific name: trichopodus leerii) is a freshwater labyrinth fish that hails from Southeast Asia.

pearl gourami Life Span

The average pearl gourami lifespan is around 4-5 years. There have been reported instances where this fish has made it past 6 years of age, but that’s quite uncommon.