How Long Can Fish Go Without Eating?

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How a Cartridge or Canister Filter Works

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Can Betta Fish Live in an Unfiltered Aquarium?

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Blue Velvet Shrimp Care, Food, Temperament Complete Guide

The Blue Velvet Shrimp (Neocaridin heteropoda) is technically just a color variation of the Red Cherry Shrimp, which is extremely popular in the aquarium hobby. The great truth is that these animals share many of the same care requirements, which makes them an easy buy if you have any of them in your aquarium. The … Read more

How Do Fish Sleep? Read this article and find out!

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Betta Fish Complete Guide With Everything You Need To Know!

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What is the Best Water to Put in My Aquarium?

What is pure and clean water? Pure and clean water is nothing more than that free of toxic substances such as, for example, chlorine, chloramine heavy metals and nitrogenous compounds. One thing you need to know is that there may be some tolerance for water quality, but the purer it is, the better for your … Read more

How to Heat Aquarium Water During Cold Weather?

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Moorish Idol Fish Care Guide – Complete Aquarium Setup

O Moorish Idol (zanclus cornutus) is considered a fish with a unique appearance and sometimes aggressive behavior. This beautiful sea creature has beautiful colors, which range from bright yellow to dark brown with pink and orange spots all over the body. In the wild, the Moorish Idol is found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, in warm, … Read more