The Betta Fish: A Complete Introduction

The betta is a beautiful fish, right? ūüėä With its unusual colors and wavy tail, the betta is an aquarium inhabitant that often attracts attention. But‚Ķ a betta tank requires the right approach if you want to keep your brand new betta healthy. This article is therefore an introduction to the wonderful world of bettas. … Read more

Zebra loach Care – Temperature, Food Complete Guide

The Zebra loach (striata loache) is a beautiful Freshwater fish very peaceful and ideal for community aquariums although it needs good water conditions to stay happy and healthy. In the wild, the Zebra loach’s habitat is quite limited as it can only be found in streams that flow through the mountains of Maharashtra and Ghats … Read more

Betta Fish jumping out of the aquarium. What to do?

The betta is a beautiful and fascinating fish, however they can also be a little prone to making some inappropriate jumps. If you’ve been taking care of the species for a long time, you’ve certainly watched it jump seemingly out of nowhere. And even worse, he often ends up jumping out of the aquarium. But … Read more

How to Make Betta Fish Happy

We all love our betta fish. They are fantastic, beautiful and interesting animals due to their active and curious behavior. But if our fish are making us happy, are we making our bettas happy too? If you have chosen to take care of a goldfish, it is important to always keep in mind that it … Read more

How Long Can Fish Go Without Eating?

Who never had to leave the house in an emergency and ended up forgetting to feed their fish? Or did you go on a trip, but ended up coming back later than expected, leaving your little fish longer than expected without eating? It is certainly not ideal, but hardly an aquarist with many years of … Read more

How Do Fish Sleep? Read this article and find out!

How do fish sleep? We humans know that our bodies need sleep for optimal health and well-being. But how does it work with fish? Sleep is not only essential for restoring and rejuvenating our bodies, but also for solidifying and consolidating information. It is also easy to determine when humans are sleeping, however with fish … Read more

Congo Tetra Fish Care : Tank Mates Complete Guide

Congo tetra

The colorful tetra fish native to South America are related to the Congo River region in Africa.¬†These African relatives are not inferior in color and one of the typical representatives is¬†the Congo fish¬†. Varied colors, shimmering rainbow, found in both male and female Congo tetra fish for the purpose of finding a mate. Through the … Read more