Aquascaping: What it is, styles and how to get started.

Aquascaping is to aquariums what gardening is to potted plants. Instead of shells and gravel, aquascaping lovers today seek to develop their aquatic art with driftwood, live plants, rocks and fish. Like any other hobby, the practice needs dedication, time and research. You need to understand the basics of plant nutrition, fish and water chemistry, … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live in an Unfiltered Aquarium?

betta fish it is important to ensure that the aquarium setup be a replica of your underwater ecosystem. This means that there is a need to balance all the various elements available in nature to provide the perfect and thriving environment for your fish. THE filtering an aquarium it is a very important part of … Read more

What is the Best Water to Put in My Aquarium?

What is pure and clean water? Pure and clean water is nothing more than that free of toxic substances such as, for example, chlorine, chloramine heavy metals and nitrogenous compounds. One thing you need to know is that there may be some tolerance for water quality, but the purer it is, the better for your … Read more

What is the Best Water to Use In a Fish Tank

What is the Best Water to Use In a Fish Tank

Have you ever wondered what water is the best for use in an aquarium? I myself didn’t really think much about the water problem that I would use to raise fish because I would definitely use PAM water. If you don’t know PAM water, it is water that comes out of the faucet at home … Read more

Can You Keep Fish In a Fish Bowl

Can You Keep Fish In a Fish Bowl

Can You Keep Fish in the Fish Bowl? The answer is YES, CAN! It can only be used for certain types of fish which are known to be strong and resistant in all water conditions. But for long-term maintenance, let alone rearing, you should think again about keeping fish in a fish bowl! Many people think … Read more

Amano Shrimp Care Guide, Breeding, Size, Tank Mates

Amano Shrimp Size

How to Take Care of Amano Shrimp in an Aquarium – Since the rise of aquascapes in Indonesia , amano shrimp, has also become popular. That’s because of its incredible ability to eat algae as well as its beautiful appearance. In addition, its easy maintenance and peaceful nature make it the right choice to incorporate it in a community … Read more