Aquascaping: What it is, styles and how to get started.

Aquascaping is to aquariums what gardening is to potted plants. Instead of shells and gravel, aquascaping lovers today seek to develop their aquatic art with driftwood, live plants, rocks and fish. Like any other hobby, the practice needs dedication, time and research. You need to understand the basics of plant nutrition, fish and water chemistry, … Read more

Can I keep shrimp with Clown Botia in the aquarium?

Is it possible to keep freshwater shrimp with the dreaded Clown Botia in the aquarium? Check out what we discovered on this subject! I know! You want a very diverse aquarium, I understand that! It’s completely understandable, as no one wants to be looking at the same fish every day! Having a variety of fish … Read more

Betta Fish jumping out of the aquarium. What to do?

The betta is a beautiful and fascinating fish, however they can also be a little prone to making some inappropriate jumps. If you’ve been taking care of the species for a long time, you’ve certainly watched it jump seemingly out of nowhere. And even worse, he often ends up jumping out of the aquarium. But … Read more

How to Make Betta Fish Happy

We all love our betta fish. They are fantastic, beautiful and interesting animals due to their active and curious behavior. But if our fish are making us happy, are we making our bettas happy too? If you have chosen to take care of a goldfish, it is important to always keep in mind that it … Read more

What is the Best Substrate for a Planted aquarium?

The substrate is the basis for any planted aquarium. Your choice regarding this element can define the success or failure of your project. When setting up an aquarium without plants, the choice can be defined mainly by aesthetics, but with a planted one it is necessary to consider numerous factors. On a planted aquarium, we … Read more

Best Carpet Plants for Aquarium

Aquariums with plant mats are among the most desired aquascapes by aquarists, although carpets are considered very demanding. Everyone who enjoys planted aquariums and considers them works of art, at some point has come across a beautiful aquarium in the Iwagumi style, with a green carpet covering the entire length of the aquarium and giving … Read more

How Many Fish Can I Put In An Aquarium? How To Calculate.

You need to know how many fish to put in your aquarium, taking into account its size. Length, height and liter are important factors when choosing species and how many specimens we can have of each of these species. But then, how to calculate how many fish we can have in an aquarium? There are … Read more

Cloudy Aquarium Water. What To Do?

Aquarium water becoming cloudy is one of the most common problems faced by aquarists. If you’ve had a lot of time in the hobby, you’ve certainly been through it countless times. The whitish or cloudy water, in addition to the visual impact, can mean that your aquarium has some imbalance, and can even affect the … Read more

Partial Water Change: How To Clean Your Aquarium?

Imagine living in a small room with no ventilation 24 hours a day; this includes going to the bathroom and eating. And then, once a month, someone comes along and opens a window for a short time. Most of us wouldn’t like that scenario, right? This is more or less what happens in an aquarium, … Read more