What is the Best Water to Put in My Aquarium?

What is pure and clean water? Pure and clean water is nothing more than that free of toxic substances such as, for example, chlorine, chloramine heavy metals and nitrogenous compounds. One thing you need to know is that there may be some tolerance for water quality, but the purer it is, the better for your … Read more

How to Heat Aquarium Water During Cold Weather?

how to heat your aquarium water during periods of intense cold. If you’ve come this far looking for advice on how to heat your aquarium water, you must have been worried about the health of your fish. Heating the water in an aquarium is not a very difficult process, but if you don’t have the … Read more

Moorish Idol Fish Care Guide – Complete Aquarium Setup

O Moorish Idol (zanclus cornutus) is considered a fish with a unique appearance and sometimes aggressive behavior. This beautiful sea creature has beautiful colors, which range from bright yellow to dark brown with pink and orange spots all over the body. In the wild, the Moorish Idol is found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, in warm, … Read more

Danio Erythromicron Fish Care Guide Complete

The Danio erythromicron (Emerald Dwarf Danio) is a small freshwater fish that is quite difficult to find, but still a beautiful addition to any kind of aquatic environment. Although it is considered a resistant animal, the aquarist will need to take some care when keeping this fish in an aquarium. In the wild, the Danio … Read more

Does Aquarium Need CO2?

When I first became interested in aquarium I looked for various important information about aquarium. Of course I’m also looking for information about CO2 and whether an aquarium must use CO2 to be successful. After I searched I finally found the information. Does the aquarium need CO2? The short answer is it is necessary. Just like … Read more

Can You Add Fish to a New Tank Right away?

When Can You Add Fish to a New Aquarium

You have bought a new aquarium along with all the equipment to make a beautiful aquascape. As soon as you get home, you are excited to immediately make the aquascape you have been dreaming of for a long time. Don’t forget you also directly buy fish that have long been wanted to be maintained and complete the … Read more

Best Water Plants For Guppy Fish

Best Water Plants For Guppy Fish

Keeping fish in a regular aquarium that doesn’t contain live aquatic plants or decorations and only contains fish can sometimes be boring. Not all fish are suitable and can use live plants or decorations in the aquarium. Some of the larger fish are likely to damage or eat live plants. If you use artificial decorations, it is … Read more

6 Small Fish That Are Suitable For Nano Aquariums

Nano Fish Aquarium

Aquascape will certainly not be complete if there are no fish in it. Depending on the size of the aquascape, you might find it difficult to find the right fish for the aquascape, especially if you make a small nano aquascape. When I first made an aquascape, I was looking for information but focused more on … Read more